About Us

Pittsburgh Lutheran United Ministries (PLUM) is a cooperative ministry comprised of ten ELCA congregations in the Pittsburgh Area.  

The purpose of PLUM is to provide pastoral support and joint activities shared by the member congregations. PLUM currently has ten full-member congregations.  The Ministry was founded by Rev. Beth Siefert and Rev. John Gropp in 2004.  

One amazing benefit of PLUM is that, when a pastor is sick, goes on vacation or retires, the pastoral care continues uninterrupted since we have multiple pastors and staff!

The member congregations share in financial support of the pastoral staff and joint worship/outreach/fellowship activities - yet they maintain their independence and individuality as they minister to those in their respective communities.  PLUM provides a means by which small, struggling or pastor-less congregations can continue to exist and minister to their communities.  It is hoped that PLUM can be a model for other churches who need a way to survive while rebuilding their congregations.

Mailing Address:

Pittsburgh Lutheran United Ministries

405 Kennedy Avenue

Duquesne, PA 15110


Office Phone:  412-466-7773


E-mail: PLUM@plumofpa.com

Our Team

Rev. Brenda Henry



Rev. John Gropp



Rev. Dr. Paul Koch (Pastor Emeritus)

Deann George (Administrator)



Keith Devine (Webmaster)



Our Mission Statement:

The Pittsburgh Lutheran United Ministries' (PLUM) mission is to be LIVING CHRIST’S LIGHT OF HOPE IN OUR COMMUNITIES.  PLUM will: