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East Liberty Lutheran Church

April 29, 2012

Here are a few pictures of Beverly Harris-Schenz's slide show presentation about the Burma Elephants (or the elephants of Southeast Asia).  They are actually her husband, Michael's, slides.  He was sick and couldn't do the presentation, so he gave her his notes. 


Michael took a class in training elephants.  First, the new trainers greeted the elephants so that the elephants could get used to the people.  Then the trainers learned how to mount and ride the elephants - without seats or saddles - just holding on the skin and learning how to steer them by using a stick.  They would tap the stick behind their ears to turn them to the side - and the front or back of the head to go forward or backward.  Then, he visited an elephant hospital, spoke with the Asian woman who ran it and saw them attach a prosthetic 'foot' onto an elephant (who had it's foot amputated because it stepped on a land mine).  The prosthetic foot looked like the boot you get when you break an ankle, so you can walk with it.  It was a very interesting presentation because it covered a subject that most of us would never see.







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